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Technology has swiftly evolved over the years to continually provide managers with better data, clearer insights and increased productivity. Automated analysis of acquired data through various sources the reports and controls have replaced manual entries, performance support has bolstered on-the-job system learning capabilities; and the right data and powerful forecasting have amplified the performance possibilities.

But managers aren’t alone in reaping the rich rewards of innovative management technology. Today’s technology has also encouraged to facilitate common citizen of our country. K&D is putting its efforts since last 25 year to work on various citizen centric projects like billing and revenue management in power utility, e- Governance, Electoral Indentify cards for Indian citizen, rural credit monitoring through NABAR/RBI, cane management system for farmers and sugar factories and other many similar projects. We are also providing M2M solution for electricity billing and revenue collection services to power utility

K&D is a utility solutions provider that has developed data acquisition management skills and data analysis to provide many controls on billing and revenue collection using CMRI (Common Meter Reading Instrument) and technologies required to solve complex utility management problems. Our core service is to provide accurate analysis, billing and recovery of utilities and focus on continuously developing more efficient and cost effective ways to do this.

The recent trend in the domain of power distribution and supply has been for State Electricity Boards to be split up into three major sector – for generation, transmission and distribution. These DISCOM’s, which have become conscious of the trend for private sector participation and also limited budgetary support from the Government, have launched ambitious projects to keep their customers satisfied and loyal to themselves. K&D provides holistic and sustainable solution to utility recovery and payment solutions to the investment property industry. Through continuous development and technology investment, we provide more value than any other service model in the market. Our effort to provide superior solutions at lower cost, creating value. Maximize utility income and minimize the cost with our proven, best value solutions.

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Photo Meter Reading

E-billing for power utility.

Citizen Centric Services

Electroral Identity Cards, e-Governance.

Reaching To Farmers

Cane Management System, Rural Credit Monitoring Syste.